What Customers Are Saying About Garden Grande

"I'm a backyard farmer in East Wenatchee, Washington and I had some red potatoes in my refrigerator from last year which started to sprout. I planted 20 of them in my garden and tilled in Garden Grande Organic Fertilizer. Around August 15th, I harvested my potatoes. The twenty potato plants yeilded over 200 lbs. of red potatoes and one half were normal size and the other half were the size of large russet potatoes. This fertilizer is truly amazing." Farmer - East Wenatchee (9/2/16)

"I purchased 20 bags of this for our garden last year... one bag per bed and the garden rocked! I want to be sure to get this again when it is shipped to Costco."   Todd Cory - Medford, Oregon

Judy Marsalis of Wenatchee Washington. "I used Garden Grande on my tomatoes at the beginning of August and within a week they had grown 10 more inches and had many new branches and flowers and fruit. I also applied a handful to each of my rose bushes that were otherwise stagnant and 10 days later they had new growth of approximately 12 inches with numerous new buds. Garden Grande is a very good product and all natural. I would recommend Garden Grande to any homeowner or backyard gardener."

Judy Marsalis September 2010, "I applied two applications of Garden Grande fertilizer to my tomatoes. I planted them in Mid June and by August 1st, they were 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide with numerous flowers and tomatoes. The plants were very hearty yet there were more tomatoes than I could eat. I also re-landscaped my entire yard in September and I expect the same results with little or no plant mortality."

Jim Dodson, " It has worked very well on the blue berries. First year plants look to bear a pretty good crop. The onions and potatoes are growing ahead of schedule. Rain has kept the rest of the seeds out of the ground. I hope to get them in the ground this coming weekend.  I will update as the season moves on."

Nate Davis, "The fertilizer is working great. I have used it on tomatoes where I mixed it in with my soil before I potted tomatoes in a mix of coco peat, perlite, native soil, sand, lime, and azomite.  I also used it as a top dressing, just by tossing a handful of it on a large climbing rosebush that has exploded in blooms, and on a large creeping plant that I am trying to encourage to grow along my back fence and covering an old dead tree -- it's growing great!  I also put about 2 cups worth underneath a very old (15+ year) peach tree and haven't seen much results yet but the peaches are about the size of grapes so far.  Overall I've had good results on everything I have put Garden Grande on! Thanks!

Nate Davis, September 2010, "I've really enjoyed working with the fertilizer. I had great success this year with my tomatoes, watermelons, corn and raspberries. I plan to use it again and again."

Don Reathaford, "I applied Garden Grande last year to my lawn. A forty pound bag covered about 10,000 sq feet with good coverage. I was then having to mow twice as much after putting on the fertilizer. I thought it might be easier just to turn the horses loose on the lawn. Nearly a year later the grass is still dark green and growing twice as fast as it did with manufactured fertilizers."

Ruben Damian, "It took Garden Grande about three weeks to kick in, but when it did, the results were wonderful. This fertilizer has turned my grass green, the blades of grass are long and dense, and with surprisingly minimal watering. For the price, Garden Grande is a fantastic choice of fertilizer."