Garden Grande & Colorado State University Experimental Potatoes (July - August 2011)

Experiment run on "Laker Baker" potatoes (Traditional fertilizer vs. Garden Grande) planted double wide at the rate of 50lb seed potato per 100ft row, whole potato method.

Garden Grande Row

Had 100% emergence and more rapid growth as illustrated clearly by the pictures.  The EcoFeed row began flowering 2 weeks earlier than the traditional fertilizer row.

Traditional Fertilizer Row

Shows a much lower germination and growth rate.  This row was planted with the same spacing, pounds per foot and approximately the same level of NPK. 

"Garden Grande makes a huge difference in emergence of potatoes, which is another way of saying it sparked over-sprouted potatoes to actually grow much better than usual methods.  The exact same potatoes were planted in the exact same way, so the Garden Grande is clearly responsible for rescuing these high-risk seed potatoes from rotting and too slow-growth!"