Our Mission

To promote sustainability of natural resources by providing environmentally-friendly commercial and consumer products worldwide. We achieve this through a commitment to reclaiming, recycling and renewing.

Since 2008, EcoTrac Organics Inc.® has brought a natural innovation to the market, creating a cycle that is sustainable for both consumers (Products) and businesses (Solutions).  

Our unique manufacturing process transforms biomass waste into an all natural, certified organic, petroleum free fertilizer called Garden Grande. This process helps conserve and replenish the earth by reclaiming and recycling common industrial waste byproducts that would otherwise engulf landfills such as natural plant based waste, ash from co-generation plants, sawdust from sawmills, byproducts from food processing plants, coffee grounds and husks left from producers.  

Typical name brand fertilizers use animal waste and harmful chemicals as key ingredients, and the environmental impact can be substantial.  For instance, when these fertilizers are washed out into surrounding waterways, they can promote algae blooms. These algae blooms in turn release toxins that are harmful to both marine life and people. Instead, we utilize a unique manufacturing process, which transforms plant by products into an all-natural, organic, chemical free fertilizer. Garden Grande is 100% safe for the environment and those living in it.

In addition, Garden Grande contains Biochar, which has the ability to improve water quality, reduce soil emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce nutrient leaching, reduce soil acidity, and reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements.  In fact, Biochar can sequester carbon in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years and can be a powerful tool in combatting global warming.

We also help individual businesses create in-house “re”cycles in which their waste byproducts can either be transformed into a profitable and green revenue stream, used in their own agricultural production or donated as the business sees fit. The benefits can be substantial in developing countries with severely degraded soils. Garden Grande has the ability to return soil organic carbon (SOC) to help these countries produce maximum potential yields in agriculture without huge financial or environmental setbacks.  

Garden Grande can be found at major retailers in Washington State, Oregon and California. Our services are available to customers including timber companies, landowners, homeowners, park managers or any entity that plants crops for consumption or beautification. 

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